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Mansonic Award

The other day, James said it was a goal of his to win the Mansonic Award, whatever that was. He wasn’t quite sure, but it had something to do with being a good citizen and student. Today he was one of six kids in his grade to win the Masonic Award, which is precisely for that. Guess it will have to do.

*I blurred his full name on the certificate in Snapseed.

The Back of the Bus

20120904-195945.jpgEveryone made it through the first day back. Now we just have to wade through all the paperwork.

I went back to the drawing board in my app arsenal for this one. I used Touch Retouch to remove a trash can, then Snapseed to crop and add filters. Here was the original:

I used this picture because frankly it was the only one I took with my phone today. All the others of the kids were taken with my DSLR. However, I just learned from another iPhone photographer/editer/blogger, Painted By the Sun, about the Eye-Fi card, which sends photos from her Nikon straight to her iPad, iPhone or computer! The bus ride may be long and slow, but I’ll get there eventually.

The Fountain of…


This fountain resides in a courtyard at the private school where the kids’ swim practice takes place. Buildings of unremarkable architecture surround it. The fountain struck me as rather the same, until I began to look at this picture. I became mesmerized. I began to wonder what purpose this fountain really serves.

I’m curious if I’m the only one. Please do me a favor. Stare at this picture for 20 seconds.

Now kindly respond to this poll:

I edited this picture in Photoshop Express from the original below. I sharpened and saturated and overexposed it. I hope the same didn’t happen to me.20120416-200830.jpg

Playing Around

Playing Around

Today was a beautiful day for play – around 9 am we walked over to a Surf Sample sale at James’ elementary school, where different vendors sell their leftovers from last season and the PTA makes a cut. We got a boogie board and a sweatshirt for James. The kids wanted to play on the playground and I wanted to play on my phone, so we hung out for a while after.

I took this picture with Instagram and applied a filter, but I can’t remember which – I think it was X-Pro II. I was mostly playing around with the HDR feature though, because in the bright sunlight I wanted to see if there was any difference.  Dad asked how the iPhone makes the pictures HDR, and you can get an idea in the following pictures. The regular is followed by the HDR version:





The phone’s processor is so fast, it does indeed take 3 pictures and combine them for the HDR shot. I’m happy to report that learning through play applies to adults as well as kids.