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Worldly Observations

This gentleman was leading a group of tourists at Universal Studios, who I had to judge by their shoes and cameras, were from Japan. During our recent visit there, I was struck by the nation’s commitment to DSLR cameras and unique footwear. I’ve never seen as many different styles of shoe as I did on the feet of Japanese train passengers. 

This guy today also had clappy hands đź‘Ź to direct his group, but that was just a bonus.

My own feet were killing me despite my sensible but decidedly American running shoes. So, while the rest of the family was in the souvenir shop, I sat on a curb and marveled at footwear:

I also noticed in Japan that women in particular like to dress like twins. I can’t confirm that these ladies are Japanese, but world travel has opened me up to the possibility that they very well may be. 




The other day I heard the city of Paris is not too fond of people adorning its bridge railings with locks. When railings become overly burdened by the “locks of love,” the city replaces them with new ones. Perhaps they would prefer a different collection, such as these jaunty shoes on electrical wires, found at one of the fields where J plays baseball? I question whether they were put there as demonstrations of undying love, but it is an interesting trend nonetheless.20140501-173709.jpg