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Must Promote

In the Navy, an “MP” is the highest grade you can be given by your superior. This kid got an MP from us yesterday when he graduated from elementary school. It was a big production, held in a nearby church auditorium. He took it all in stride.


Above the Waterline

A sunrise trail run today took us over 1,100 feet up. That was handy, because most of the way was literally in a cloud. Refreshing moisture bejeweled hair, plants and spiderwebs.

We broke out shortly before the summit, and were suddenly in a different world.

The sunlight cresting the mountaintop shined through water droplets in the top layer, finally settling on the denser cloud below to reveal a circular rainbow over the mountain’s shadow.

I thought my hiking days were over for the summer season, but thanks to foggy mornings, friends willing to join me on early runs, and an impulsive registration in a trail 1/2 in August, runs in the mountains will continue for a while yet. 😬