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All In a Day




Well Worth It

Four of us are visiting Universal Studios theme park tomorrow. We decided this morning to drive up tonight and stay in a hotel, because by leaving at 7:30 pm the drive is only 2 1/2 hours. If we left tomorrow at 6 am, it would take 3 1/2 hours  because of Marine base traffic. If we left at 5 am, it could take even longer because we’d hit LA right as rush hour started. It started making my head hurt, which is probably how it will feel tomorrow after minions and wizards and such have assaulted it all day. In truth, today’s headache was a bargain.

But gosh darn it, we’re avoiding traffic.

Everett Marina

20140427-205104.jpgA beautiful but threatening evening at the Marina tonight inspired me to take this picture that, except for a couple clues, appears to have been converted to black and white.20140427-205119.jpgA tall ship waits it out at the dock.  Actually, it may wait longer than that for all I know.




We won’t have too many opportunities to enjoy our neighbors and their fire pit, so I took advantage last night.

Then I came as close as I ever want to come to writing code to get this to publish correctly. Apparently Cinemagram or WordPress has changed something in the way these things are embedded in a post. Anyway, I was very proud of myself for cutting and pasting some code from a previous Cinemagram post to make this work. If anyone has any insight, please provide.