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Good Eggs





Weekend Fuel

20130203-084358.jpgWe worked up an appetite yesterday, between basketball practices, a high school district finals swim meet, a plunge into the frigid Atlantic with a few thousand other folks, and a post-plunge gathering at our house. We had plenty of food last night, but that didn’t stop us from going out to breakfast this morning.

Sadly, yesterday many of JJ’s family were saying goodbye to his Aunt Mary, who passed away this week. Despite a busy day, our thoughts were with them throughout.



We were lucky to see snow fall on Christmas, and when it let up a bit we went out to get some fresh air. I took the same shot initially with the native iPhone camera and the best I could get was this:20121225-150442.jpgThen I remembered TiltShift Generator…what an improvement. Although now that I see it on the computer, I didn’t focus exactly where I wanted. Darn that iPhone screen. Or darn old age. Or both.20121225-150455.jpg

20121225-150504.jpgWe found this evidence of busy beavers. Both the animals and my in-laws, who stacked all the wood below long before we arrived. 20121225-150510.jpg

Regal Beagle


Actually, she is a corgi, the same breed as the Queen’s dogs in the video from the Olympics opening ceremony. Her friend, Beth, has been informing curious strangers of that for the past two weeks.

Edited in Tiltshift Generator.