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A New Leaf And Some Old Ones

I found Fall in SoCal. It’s at Pomona on New Year’s Eve.

Here’s to 2018! 🥂


Sick More

I have no trouble recalling the name of these trees because they always look to be on their last legs, even in Spring. I guess the planners of this deciduous tree-challenged neighborhood thought they’d be just the thing we’d like to see on our morning dog walk. As if they might actually provide some respite from the glaring star that flings its blinding rays at us most days here. Now that I’ve shared them with you, I’m hoping I won’t be so offended by them, and we can just get on with our lives. There, I feel better now. 


It’s not much but it’s all we’ve got. Fortunately, it’s growing fast. It’s a silk floss tree (Ceiba Speciosa). It has grown noticeably just in the two years we’ve been here. Down low it’s intimidating, but looking up into its branches gives me hope for some respite in the land of unrelenting sun.