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Worldly Observations

This gentleman was leading a group of tourists at Universal Studios, who I had to judge by their shoes and cameras, were from Japan. During our recent visit there, I was struck by the nation’s commitment to DSLR cameras and unique footwear. I’ve never seen as many different styles of shoe as I did on the feet of Japanese train passengers. 

This guy today also had clappy hands đź‘Ź to direct his group, but that was just a bonus.

My own feet were killing me despite my sensible but decidedly American running shoes. So, while the rest of the family was in the souvenir shop, I sat on a curb and marveled at footwear:

I also noticed in Japan that women in particular like to dress like twins. I can’t confirm that these ladies are Japanese, but world travel has opened me up to the possibility that they very well may be.