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This one LED bulb in the whole string has water in it. We can’t figure it out.


Water Water Everywhere


We’re in Oregon for a swim meet, and we got away from the pool for a little sight-seeing today. Before we had to head back to the hotel to rest up and rehydrate (one of us anyway), we hit Multnomah Falls – “2nd highest year -round waterfall in the nation.” And fortunately touristy enough to have drinkable water and ice cream at their base.

On the way there we took a little hike up alongside falls whose name escapes me. There are many along the Historic Oregon Highway that travels along the slope on the Oregon side of the Columbia River Gorge.20130717-202311.jpg

The first place we stopped was a scenic overlook established in 1960 by the Portland Women’s Forum. How nice of them to have the forsight to preserve this amazing view of the river.20130717-202339.jpg

There was no evidence of the rain that contributed to the growth of this ginormous tree, and the astounding foliage that surrounded it. But we know it will come, and are thankful for it.20130717-202353.jpg