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Seed Sticks Are For the Birds

IMG_4668.JPGAt the zoo today we paid a buck apiece to feed colorful birds from popsicle sticks. How have I missed this before?!




Rare Bear


At once the worst and best photo of this series, you can see in the glass these kids reacting to the unexpected behavior of this Grizzly at the zoo today. After pacing with it’s partner in the background for a good while, it decided a dip in the pool was in order, and delighted us by diving for sticks, scratching it’s back on a rock, and bouncing bouyantly for no reason apparent other than the joy of it.20130815-185326.jpg




As excited as we were to see this, I wouldn’t have thought it anything special until a woman exclaimed, “In all the years I’ve been coming here, I’ve never seen it do anything like this!” That hit the spot!20130815-185419.jpg



I joined James’ 1st grade class on a field trip to the zoo yesterday. I chaperoned a group of 5 boys, and they were fantastic fans of the flora and fauna. Here, they applauded a peacock strutting his stuff on the prairie dog compound. 20130607-200941.jpg

One of the boys spied the bird from a unique vantage point.20130607-200949.jpgIt’s hard to top that. We didn’t even try.